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Wunderman Thompson - Toronto



Be greater than your allergies.

    Seasonal allergy relief is a congested category that's dominated by pills. Allergy sufferers often stick with medication they've always used--even if it doesn't help much--because they're afraid to try something new.

    When Flonase launched their over-the-counter nasal spray, we inspired allergy sufferers to try something different by featuring real-life success stories.

  2. WORK

    Just before spring allergy season, we launched “Be greater than your allergies.”

    Using data-driven consumer insights, we created a library of content that addressed allergy sufferers’ most pressing concerns. We shared tips, allergy forecasts, ‘sneeze facts,’ and interviews with scientists on Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

    We also enlisted six professional photographers and life-long allergy sufferers, to visualize daily life without symptoms. For 24 hours, the photographers shared photos and video diaries in which they’re breathing clearly amidst pollen-filled hayfields, trails, tree blossoms, and dandelion patches.


    • Instagram campaign achieved 36 million impressions and 108 million likes
    • YouTube takeover generated 155 million impressions and 1 million video views
    • #BEGREATER24 trended on Twitter—first ever for a pharma brand
    • Flonase became the #1 allergy remedy in Amazon pre-orders
    • Post-launch, Flonase hit #1 and #2 in SKU sales and commanded over a 10% market share
    • Most successful product launch in history of parent company GSK
Allergy Medicine on the Road - Wunderman

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